Cobra Carbon Fiber for Bowing Wall Repair

Carbon Fiber Foundation Reinforcement Solution

The Cobra composite system is carbon fiber and epoxy reinforced polymer. It is an aerospace-grade carbon fiber and polymer composite specially designed for strengthening and repairing concrete masonry walls and foundations. Cobra Carbon Fiber has 10x more tensile strength than steel. Our testing shows that a wall reinforced with Cobra can stand pressure loads 9x more than an un-reinforced wall.

When you apply Cobra Carbon Fiber reinforcement to your foundation walls, it counteracts further wall buckling from outside pressure on the wall. Cobra takes the sideways tension force (or tensile load) instead of your basement wall. Cobra reinforces foundation walls by counteracting the external pressures. Due to the high tensile strength and design of Cobra, it provides a resistant force evenly distributed along the strips making the wall significantly stronger. It keeps your walls from further expanding, buckling, bowing, and cracking.

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Cobra Carbon Fiber Benefits

Strength & Versatility

Cobra is a superior alternative to traditional steel beams. Cobra Carbon Fiber has a tensile strength that has proven to be 10x stronger than steel. You can use our Carbon Fiber Fabric option for more versatile applications because of its flexibility. It works on concrete block or poured concrete in securing bowed foundation walls and cracks.

Simple Installation

Our Cobra line has a simple installation process compared to traditional methods. It is as easy as measuring the placement, smoothing the wall, applying epoxy, and laying the strips. Invasive measures dealing with heavy equipment are not needed.

No Unnecessary Labor or Mess

With Cobra, you do not need to change the foundation structure or use concrete. Cobra is a non-intrusive solution that requires no drastic alterations or methods. The basement finishing process is clean and easy because Cobra is applied directly to the existing foundation wall.

No Large Equipment

The traditional solution for dealing with bowing walls has been steel beams anchored along the basement walls. This method is clunky and unappealing to homeowners. Our solution is Cobra Carbon Fiber, designed by engineers who specialize in foundations. It is drastically lighter, thinner, and stronger than the alternative.

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